Why Virtual Learning Must Put the Student First

Virtual learning gets a bad rep when put in the same context as COVID-19. In 2020, few schools knew how to properly transition children to an online platform without preparation. This left educators, parents, administrators and the participating kids frustrated and untrusting of online education.

But that model wasn’t developed with a student-first mentality. It was quickly prepared to meet the needs of education for the sake of moving forward, not for a sustainable approach to virtual learning.

BlueXVirtual has learned from the past in order to create a platform where students can learn from the comforts of their own homes, at an individual pace.

Virtual Learning: The Future of Education

The traditional classroom has been disrupted. It hasn’t worked for years; learning must become individualized for each student’s needs and preferences.

Rather than a single classroom filled with 30+ children, our platform recognizes that smaller groups and individual meetings are better for keeping the child focused and interested. This also allows for more interaction and feedback between a student and their tutor.

When providing a child with the tools and confidence they need to succeed, they will feel empowered to take the learning into their own hands. We believe in autonomy within the learning system; educators and tutors are there for support and direction, but the child will learn better when self-motivated.

This motivation is also enhanced through the flexibility and efficiency granted via virtual learning. A universal complaint that teens experience in traditional school systems is class disruptions and wasted time. Many participants in the interview claimed that they could learn twice as much in half the time if learning was individualized. 

Our Differentiators

The student-first model is our main priority. Our educators aim to make deep, personal connections with each child as a way to build trust and hold students accountable. Two-way respect is the best form of teacher-student relationships with an understanding that learning is different for everyone.

To maintain a student-first mentality, we also like to pay special attention to the family’s involvement. Our unique instructional model incorporates the learning environment of every student.

We also aid in college prep, connecting students and school administrators to AP options and standardized testing tutors. As we expand our services to more states, our overarching goal is to align the state standards for education to better meet the children’s needs.

If our program sounds like a good fit for your child or your school, please reach out. We would be happy to answer any questions about BlueXVirtual and how we can better direct your child’s learning!

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