Our Programs

Collegiate K-12 Model

At Blue-X, we understand the value of tradition and experience. As a member of the education world for many years, we know that great things are developed over time. By helping students learn to think, and providing them with a critical thinking mindset, we prepare them for success in their futures. Our individual options also allow students to excel as is best for them, supported the whole way by our world class team of educators. Through our AP and dual credits, we prepare our students for success in college. Some of our most dedicated students can achieve the level of Associates Degree by the time they leave for college if they pursue a dual credit pathway. These structures for success are essential for students looking to excel, and are the vital paving stones in the path to their futures.

9-12 Model

Building for your student’s future is a primary goal for many parents and schools, something we understand all too well here at Blue-X. Our Alternative Model allows for building structure to support students as they begin to prepare for college and their future. Through a mastery-based structure, allowing students to accelerate when they’re learning quickly, or dial in when they need to dive deep and comprehend, we give students the pathway to success.

Classical K-12 Model

Our Classical Model utilizes the most time-tested methods of educating students with a focus on the Classical Liberal Arts and Sciences and a strong emphasis on civic education. Classical education aims to recover lost tools of learning and a focus on the Trivium (Grammar, Rhetoric, and Logic) in order to cultivate wise and virtuous men and women who will be responsible citizens of our republic. Our platform optimizes the learner experience by marrying time-proven strategies with modern technology in order to optimize the online learner experience.

Blue-X Virtual Instructional Team

Blue-X Virtual has a unique, multi-level instructional team model to serve virtual learners. Composed of Managing Instructors, Learning Facilitators, and Learning Mentors, each team is a collaborative team of education professionals who work together to ensure the success of each student. Parents are viewed as partners with this instructional team to provide the best possible learning experience for students.
Managing Instructors/Teachers
  • Develops engaging instructional activities aligned to standards
  • Provides relevant connections to real-world experiences
  • Tier one intervention
  • Certified Teacher
  • Students have one managing instructor for each content area in secondary. One
Learning Facilitators
  • Works with Managing Instructor to plan for areas of support.
  • Provides 1:1 tutorials and small group instruction.
  • Tier two intervention.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in content area.
  • Students have one learning facilitator for each content area.
Learning Mentors
  • Liaison between students, families, and instructional
  • Assists students with setting goals
  • Monitors progress through course and in meeting goals
  • Highly trained in student coaching
  • Students have one learning mento


Our academic partner, BrightThinker, offers a true academic accelerator with dynamic, media-rich, eCurriculum or paper booklets in core and elective subjects. They base their Precision, Mastery-Based Learning on four teaching methods: Connectional, Elevational, Directional, and Positional.