A New Era: Online Socialization

A common concern parents have when considering virtual learning for their children is how social interaction comes into play. If online classrooms aren’t as large and students receive more one-on-one time with their teacher, how do kids cultivate long-lasting friendships with classmates?

Online socialization comes in many forms—it is not a new phenomenon. While the kids may miss out on in-person group projects and conversations before the bell rings, they will still have plenty of opportunities to make friends while prioritizing their education.

Cultivating Online Socialization

While curriculum collaboration may not be in-person, there are still various opportunities for students to work together both in school and out. At Blue X Virtual, we understand how cooperation is an essential ingredient in setting the children of today up for success in the future. Most jobs require people to work together; we are modernizing that as more opportunities include remote work.

It is important to note that socialization should come in many forms—not just in the classroom. We encourage all students to find a passion outside of their typical learning curriculum. Entering a sports team or joining a choir are great alternatives to creating meaningful friendships based on similar interests.

Boundary Setting & Social Anxiety

Many of the children we invite to our virtual learning platform experience high levels of social anxiety. Constant side conversations and gossip often found in traditional classrooms can be too much to handle, especially when the teacher is giving a presentation that warrants attention.

Some students do well in this environment, while others cannot focus on the task at hand when their surroundings are over-stimulating. In a virtual learning space, students have the power to set their own boundaries. They are able to not only notice when a space makes them feel uncomfortable, but also remove themselves from the situation.

This is also a benefit of flexible schedules. Everybody has days when they aren’t feeling conversational. If this is the case, students can choose to complete their personal work to prioritize their mental health.

Change is Good

Online learning is a newer concept for many to grasp. As with anything, we’ve taken the traditional model and upgraded it to fit the needs of the younger generations. The Blue X Virtual staff cares deeply for the children they work with, meaning we will cater to their needs to set them up for success.

To learn more about our online socialization practices, reach out to our team! We are always happy to educate both parents and students as they decide what route is best for them.

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